World IA Day


World Information Architecture Day (WIAD) started in 14 cities in 2012, with leading user experience (UX) and content strategy professionals who wanted to do their part for an often-overlooked factor in Web Design and Digital product development.  In 5 years, it spread to 65 cities.

In the past, WIAD celebrations were about technical skills for web design and development.  But, the organizers observed that the interest and use for IA was going beyond tech roles.  WIAD 2016 highlights how architecting information isn't just another bit of jargon for developers and UX people.  It had always been a skill and need that cuts across different types of work and objectives -- like education, data analysis and operations.




Information Architecture (IA) is a discipline rooted in back-end web development and systems administration.  Now, it's gaining ground as a critical part of interface and user experience (UX) design.  Beyond programming and web design, however, the essence of IA lies in organizing complex systems of information to become more useful and valuable.

Whenever you have to organize a bulk of information and structure it in a way that will make it more useful (like helping people find their way around a space), you are practicing IA.


Photo via The Divisoria Guide's Pinboard (Link in image)

Photo via The Divisoria Guide's Pinboard (Link in image)

We have a culture and context that are a bit different from the Western countries that established IA Day. 

More than praising IA, for IA's sake -- IA Day Manila is a celebration of how we work, and what we can learn from each other.

The speakers were invited with a challenge in mind: 

How can architecting and maximizing the structure of information bring improvements in our different fields - from civic problems to supporting local businesses?

SHOULD YOU attend? 


If you’re building or managing a product or platform - then, you are probably dealing with day-to-day decisions about: navigation, content strategy, content management systems (CMS), info visualization or user data tracking.

Think of this as a multi-discipline and multi-company meeting, where you get to see how other Filipinos are solving similar problems.  

The digital industry was built on a culture of openness and knowledge-sharing, and it’s this spirit of wanting to share what you know that powers World IA Day.

So, bring a notebook, or a laptop if you're the type who wants to take notes.  There'll even be quick hands-on activities by some of the speakers that will warm up your IA skills.


And, since you’ve read this far, we’ll let you in on something:

Thanks to the World IA Day 2016 global sponsors, all registered attendees all over the world get:

We’ll also be raffling off one (1) set of Rosenfeld Media e-books, and one (1) Axure license.


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