Edmond Gozo

Design Program, Smart Communications

Edmond founded the design program at Smart Communications, where he and his team face the challenge of improving the service experience and design of the different brands and customer touchpoints of Smart, as well as the other companies of the Metro Pacific Group.
Before Smart, he was a management consultant with Amdocs and Accenture, as well as the former Product Design and Enterprise Architecture head at Globe.  One of the early advocates of good design, he also co-founded a design consultancy in 2005, years before the design thinking hype in the Philippines. 
Outside of work, he teaches scuba diving, is an active footballer, and tinkers on various projects with his 3-year-old daughter.  He believes that it matters less what you call what you do and how you do it – what’s important is that you truly understand the why.

Ed is going to talk about one of the key concepts of Information Architecture -- designing services according to the way we see the world.  In his hands-on (interactive, i.e. you get to do something) talk, practice how you can weigh and analyze different perspectives on organizing information.